How To Stay Connected Through Video Calls

10 Ways To Stay Connected Through Video Chat
How To Stay Connected Through Video Calls

How To Stay Connected Through Video Calls

Social connections are incredibly important. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay at our homes staying connected is important more than ever before. Studies have shown that human connection is important for maintaining both physical and emotional health.

When you have a good social connection, you’re less likely to develop anxiety and depression. Social connections can help to regulate emotions and improve self-esteem. Moreover, they actually improve your immune system.

Video chatting has been our savior since the quarantine started. We can stay connected with our family, friends, and co-workers via video calls. Social distancing and lockdowns have greatly increased the popularity of video chat apps.

However, at times we feel like we don’t have anything to talk about with our friends and family. Do you feel like you’re running out of ideas? Want to add more fun to your video calls?

Don’t worry. I will tell you about ten awesome ways to make your video calls more exciting. Read on to learn how to stay connected through video calls. 

Have a virtual dinner party

Invite your friends to a virtual dinner party. Put on some fancy clothes and eat dinner while on a video call with your friends. Invite as many people as you like. If you have a distant loved one, a virtual dinner party is going to be very satisfying. It will help you and your loved ones to feel more connected with each other.

Host a happy hour

Do you want to get rid of that ZOOM fatigue? Host a happy hour. It is surprisingly enjoyable. At the end of these long, boring days, call up your friends and ask them to join you on a happy hour. Pull up a chair, grab your drink, and hang out with your friends.

Work out

Do you miss going to the gym? Group fitness classes not only inspire and motivate you but also make you feel like a part of a community. Fret not! There are so many workouts live-streams available online. Fitness coaches, yoga studios, and even gyms are live-streaming their workouts on several video chat apps. Join any one of them and work out.

Join a virtual dance party

Just like yoga trainers and fitness coaches, many DJs and dancers are hosting virtual dance parties. Join any virtual dance party you like. You can even ask your friends to join the party. But if you want to make new friends, it’s a great chance to do so. You can even host a dance party. Just create your own playlist and have fun with your friends and family.  

Watch Netflix together

Watching movies alone is not as fun as watching it with your loved ones. To watch Netflix with your friends and loved ones, you need to install a Chrome extension- Netflix Party. Your movies will be in perfect sync, and there will be a group chat option too. This extension works on laptops or desktops. Mobile users have to install the Rave App to watch Netflix together. 

Host a book club

If you love to read, why not host a virtual book club? Books are food for your brain. So, invite your friends that enjoy reading and read together. Choose a good book and discuss it with each other. By sharing ideas, you can gain new perspectives too.

Bake together

It seems like everyone is baking these days. So, why not do it together over a video chat. Pick your favourite recipe and bake it together with your loved one. Follow the steps together and have a good time.

Play games

You can find many apps that offer video and voice chat along with games. Gather your friends, join any game you like, and play it together. If there is no video chat option, you can split your screen. Or you can use separate devices for video chat and playing games. It will feel like you’re playing across from each other.

Play music together

Playing music together can be very relaxing. Invite your friends and family to sing and play music. No need to worry about lagging. Your aim is not perfection. You’re simply enjoying each other’s company. You’ll have fun while making music with your friends.

Celebrate together

Can’t celebrate in-person? Do it on a video call. Celebrate your special occasions like bridal showers, birthdays, engagements, and graduations on video platforms. Invite all of your friends and celebrate together. It might not be the same as in-person celebrations, but it’ll bring joy to everyone. 



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