How to Deal with the Disadvantages of using Video Chat Online Free Apps?

13 Disadvantages of using Video Calling Apps

How to Deal with the Disadvantages of using Video Chat Online Free Apps?


These day’s people prefer video calling than voice calls when communicating with each other remotely. There are many reasons for the same. First of all, due to plenty of videos chat online free Apps for our smartphones and computers.

They can help you to connect with others and talk face to face without any extra charge.

Wait! Is it really free of cost and hassles?

The answer is a No. More than dozens of consequences of using video calling apps in any gadget come with different levels of risk involved.

So kindly go through them and decide whether you should still be with iOS, PC, or android free video chat Apps or better to find an alternative!


13 Disadvantages of using Video Calling Apps

Following is a list with a brief explanation about what people are neglecting while using famous video calling apps;

1) Buggy

Sometimes someone asks you to download and register on any new App to connect with you using video call! First of all, you might not like its User Interface or facilities provided. But, once getting started, you will come to know that it begins to lag, or specific feature are not working well.

You might begin to feel helpless! It is because the other person is requesting for you to use only that Application. You have to deal with it anyhow since you might not be having much time to ask another party to download and install any other App!

2) Loading Issues

It does not matter whether you are using an Android, iOS, or Windows-based gadget. You can find lots of video calling Applications available on their respective stores or any other sources. But, you might face the situation when you need to install and uninstall such apps.

It is because you find them not suitable to use or facing App loading problems. By the way, it is true that you can deal with such issues, even in the most popular Apps.

3) Need to Frequently Update

People do not want any glitches to occur while doing video calls with others. Hence, they need to make sure that the particular App is updated and running on its newest version.

After all, it is a must to update all the apps installed on your phone or PC evenly. It will help you avoid any security breaches and get the best their developers offer to their users!

4) Crash or Restart can happen anytime

You might have already experienced this issue while using any App, especially on your Smartphone. Now imagine you are attending a vital video conference or call, and suddenly its App crashes to ask you to restart due to any issue!

How do you feel? What can you do to manage that situation? So, you have to prepare their answers in advance to handle such problems with ease.

5) Paid Service

Yes, no doubt, you can find tons of smartphone applications, and even for PCs, those are available to install free of cost! Also, they even do not charge you a single penny for registration and creating an account with them!

But Are they open to everything? Most of you might not have any idea about a fact. It is the truth that most of the video calling application will ask you to convert your free to paid account to make group calls for limitless time.

Additionally, you can find some app that asks you to pay extra for watching any previously saved videos on apps like Glide!

6) Hard to use for Elders

Video Calls are very much helpful for all types of users! Families living far from each other want to see, make updates and care for each other every time. Now imagine a case where on the side, there is a techy young guy with whom his parents want to connect and talk face to face.

He suggests an App that he likes the best to his father of about 65 years of age, who do not have much idea about using many Apps! Now, after installing the app, the Father started facing issues with understanding and using that App's features. He might try to talk about his neighbors or others' help to get anyhow it done so that he can speak to his Son!

7) Might need to pay for International Calls

Many people might need to do a lot of video calls either for personal or professional purposes. If you also among them, then you might face a situation when an App is asking you to pay money for making your International call.

Again, in this situation, you cannot do anything else. It is because you are running out of time to think about using any other App, or you might not be having any other option to avoid it and save your money!

8) Poor Quality Service

Many video callers are facing a common issue is the problem of bad Voice Syncing or Delays in audio concerning the video. In this case, you generally found voice coming first of what others say then, after some seconds, its video is updated. It can be an irritating condition, and if not essential, people prefer to make voice calls for proper communication.

9) Needs Strict Internet Connection

Some app developers give preference to loading lots of features and attractive UI on their Applications. As a result of this, a user might deal with an issue or need to bind by specific limitations.

One among them is the truth that you need a high-speed broadband internet connection to make your video call possible with any problem. Now, how about traveling and need to compromise using only mobile data to create a high-quality video calling with someone!

10) Not secure

In this pandemic situation, schooling and office related work in many countries is ongoing using video calling. They only prefer and ask each other to use popular apps. But thy hardly research well about their disadvantages.

Yes, if you are using Zoom, then you should know the “Bombing Attack”. In this case, any anonymous intruder can enter a chat room and can spoil the conversation and privacy! The same thing can occur with other Apps as well.

11) Possibility of Data Leak

You might already hear about different allegations put by authorities to Facebook. They are about using users' data and sharing it with other parties without their consent!

Do you also know that Microsoft was also found to breach its user's privacy in the past? It is because they deal with intelligence agencies by sharing their user’s data with them.

Now you can quickly think if such big tech giants are found doing such things with user’s security then what you can expect from other Services! By the way, most of the video chat online free Applications asks you to share your details for signup and create your profile with them!

12) Limits

Many Apps limit your convenience of using the facilities offered by video calling. Some will impose restrictions on the number of members that can join a particular group.

It can also be a service that you are using in your Device like a smartphone might not be available on PC for others to connect to you through it. Similarly, a big limitation is of using an App on iOS might not be compatible or available for Android users.

13) The problem of Encryption

Are you sure whatever App that you are using for group chats or calls are well secured? You need to know one thing that all the Apps, even the Messenger that you are using on your gadgets for video calls, are not encrypted by default.

So, you need to enable the feature of secret conversation to get it done. Thus, we must have a good idea about an app before using it, especially if it offers any security level for its users' privacy.


Is there any Solution?

After going through the above problems of using iOS or android free video chat or calling apps, you might be in stress. You might feel confused about how to get your things done the next time when you need to connect with others via video call!

So do not worry! Try Freeroom. We offer free of cost and a highly convenient platform where people do not need to share any details for video calling. The best part is you can use it quickly by creating a group and sharing its link with others, even from android to iOS devices. It will help you to get instant access to a secure chat room in your Internet Browser!

After using this, you will definitely experience the difference! The best part is you will hardly need to face any of the above disadvantages using this video calling method!

At least, it saves your time to download and install a new app and can be run on any smart gadget having a browser facility! Isn’t a Great alternative to using any video chat online free App?

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